We are Adrenalin Games

Adrenalin Games is a part of Adrenalin Group a TV and content producer based in Auckland, New Zealand. We started out in 1996 making TV advertising commercials and videos. We now are predominantly involved in game development, TV programme and video content production.

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Our Work


Māori Pā Wars

Māori Pā Wars is a tower defence app game we created both in English and Te Reo Māori options.   It is available on both Android and Apple IOS platforms and it is available to play online via the website.

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FlyingKiwis Showtile 1920x1080 1

Flying Kiwis

Our deep-sleeping Kiwi is woken by a villain and needs to jump and run away to survive! New Zealand’s iconic creature and national symbol comes to life in this entertaining and addictive game, suitable for all ages.

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Tahi Two 1920x1080

Tahi Two

Tahi Two is an engaging memory game that helps to expand Māori vocabulary and knowledge in an entertaining way.   Playing is very simple - you turn over a tile to reveal it, then try to find a match on the board.

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Screen Shot 25


IN DEVELOPMENT Estimated launch late 2020

Long ago before people, there were Taniwha, the guardians of the world. Our team of Taniwha superheroes realise the earth needs their help - the Piro Corporation - are devastating the environment, stripping it of vegetation and resources, polluting and destroying it.

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