Mū Tōrere

Mu Totere game

Mū Tōrere is said to be the only native board game of the Māori. It is played on the points and centre of an 8-pointed star, by two players with four pieces each. The object of the game is to block your opponent so he/ she cannot move.

We take Mū Tōrere and make it a fun online game and get an animated character - Bluey the Tui to introduce the game, Māori history and how to play it. Players will then be able to play Mū Tōrere against Bluey the Tui, Kiki the Kunekune Pig or Koro the Tuatara or against each other.

To play the game now click here.

Project Credits

Created by Bradley Walker and Steve Salmond.

Bradley Walker

Game Illustrator
Steve Salmond

Game Developers
Steve Salmond

Voice Artists
Ava Walker
Steve Salmond

Te Reo Māori Consultant
Dave Kaire

Production Accountant
Wi Hakaraia

Funding Agency
Te Māngai Pāho