Mystery Beats

Screen Shot 22

In Production - Delivery April 2022

We take the main characters from our successful Islands of Mystery animation series to create a fun music creation game, designed to appeal to kids and adults alike.

Mystery Beats gameplay allows players to create their own unique looping mixes by managing a group of animated beatboxers. The game opens with a beautiful scene from the Island of Mystery universe - this will be the ‘stage’ where characters appear to make their music. Along the bottom of the screen is a scrollable row of character thumbnails. Each thumbnail represents that character playing a unique short looping music sample.  Players drag and drop these characters to create their own unique sound.


Project Credits

Created by Bradley Walker and Steve Salmond.

Bradley Walker

Matt Pitt

Malcom Smith

Game Developer
Steve Salmond

Voice Artists
Ava Walker
Johnny Kahukiwa

Te Reo Māori Consultant
Dave Kaire

Production Accountant
Wi Hakaraia

Funding Agency
NZ on Air