Taniwha Team Branded

Chosen as a finalist finalist in the international 2022 Kidscreen Awards for Kids best game app original.

Long ago before people, there were Taniwha, the guardians of the world.

Our team of Taniwha superheroes realise the earth needs their help - the Piro Corporation - are devastating the environment, stripping it of vegetation and resources, polluting and destroying it.

Our Taniwha decide that something desperately needs to be done and teleport our team of eco warriors to areas that need to be cleaned up. They battle the Piro and restore the environment, using their powers to return the land to a natural balance.

To download the game search on Apple IOS or Google Android or CLICK HERE for links

Project Credits

Created by Bradley Walker and Steve Salmond.

Based on an original concept by Bradley Walker.

Bradley Walker

Character Illustrators
Munro Te Whata
Steve Salmond

Game Illustrator
Steve Salmond

Game Developers
Steve Salmond
James Lambourn

Voice Artists
Te Rahui August
Nico Anfosso
Dave Kaire
Bradley Walker

Te Reo Māori Consultant
Dave Kaire

Web Designer
Ben Carson (DOODL)

Funding Agency
Te Māngai Pāho

Android and IOS platforms