Flying Kiwis

Screen Shot 2020 07 22 at 1.37.49 PMOur deep-sleeping Kiwi is woken by a villain and needs to jump and run away to survive! New Zealand’s iconic creature and national symbol comes to life in this entertaining and addictive game, suitable for all ages. Flying Kiwis is an arcade game where you play a Kiwi who has to jump and run as fast as possible across various terrain to get away from a feral cat, dog or ferret that is chasing it. Flying Kiwis is simple to control, fun to play, and has in-game mini-challenges you need to conquer in order to level up keep you coming back for more.

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Project Credits

Created by Bradley Walker and Steve Salmond.

Bradley Walker

Game Illustrator
Steve Salmond

Game Developer
Steve Salmond

Te Reo Māori Consultant
Dave Kaire

Funding Agency
NZ On Air